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Friday, September 30, 2005

News from the top

Alexander Lukashenko Signs Decrees on Conferring Awards

President of the Republic of Belarus has awarded the Medal for Distinction in Military Service to the chief of the department – physician of the infectious diseases department of the 432nd main military clinical hospital of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, colonel of medical service Sergei Belega in recognition of his merits in the military service and high professional standards.

President of Belarus has conferred on the higher category artist of the choir of the Belarus’ Armed Forces Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Central House of Officers Alexander Yarovoy the honorary title “Merited Artist of the Republic of Belarus” in recognition of his many years’ fruitful creative work, distinguished services in military and patriotic education of the youth.

The relevant decrees were signed into action by the Head of State on September 26.

Michaelle Jean, Canada's finest kind

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has also extended congratulations to Michaelle Jean on her appointment as Governor General of Canada.

Alexander Lukashenko expressed the hope that the work of Michaelle Jean at this responsible post would promote broadening of mutually advantageous cooperation between both countries.

Belarusian Seminar to take place in Lithuenia

From Viasna

Vilnius: A nice place to visit

A seminar aimed to develop cooperation between the independent organizations from Belarus and other European countries, and to create a joint platform to lobby Belarusian issues in the European structures. The seminar organizers are the United Center of Belarusian Initiatives created by young political scientists a year ago in Lithuania, and Hrodna Center of Social Initiative Support "Third Sector". The Europe for Belarus seminar brought together several tens of representatives of independent organizations from Belarus and other nations from Eastern and Central Europe. One of the main goals was cooperation and contacts, and also development of joint ideas for projects, where the Belarusian organizations could choose partners from other European countries and decide themselves what they are interested in and need.

The Vilnius seminar participants discuss cooperation in various spheres of activity – human rights, culture, the Internet, etc., and as a result of the two day work there will be a joint agreement. Representatives of large organizations hope that this will help lobby the Belarusian issues in the European structures.

Lebedko speaks at Moscow conference

From the UCPB

Lebedko:Talking the talk in Moscow

Anatoly Lebedko chairman of the United Civil Party spoke in Moscow yesterday at a conference entitled “Belarus and Russia after Lukashenka: Prospects for development”. Lebedko deter idly presented ideas that not only was Lukashenka not as strong economically as the president likes to represent himself, but that there was also a possibility to beat him in the upcoming elections.

“Putin does not love Lukashenko, but the Kremlin likes “color revolutions” even less.” Announced Lebedko, characterizing, the relationship between “official” Minsk and the Kremlin. “The Belarusian oligarch is not without success selling himself to the Kremlin as a “Berlin wall”, standing in the way of any potential "revolutionary virus’. But in barter for these services, he receives for this credit in the form of cheap energy carriers and legal services in international organizations. However, the situation is not such as it was several years ago because Mr. Lukashenko absolutely no longer possesses a monopoly in Belarussian-Russian relations.

"Lukashenka-sim in Belarus is seen as a particular mix of populism, authoritarianism, communism and fascism. This is the essence of the president’s image in Belarus. But according to the latest Gallop poles, only 38% of Belarussians are ready to vote for Lukashenka for a third term. And 48% are ready to support a new face. So obviously this is not the same 75% as was reported at the time of the referendum. And, in addition to this, a full 17% committed that they would be willing to take to the streets in opposition to a third term.”

Lebedko added also that in his opinion, the so called "Belarusian economic miracle” comes straight from the Russian pipeline and is made completely of “naftadollars” If there is any basis of reality about any upsurge in the Belarusian economy, it comes directly from the Kremlin.

Anatoly Lebedco is hoping to unseat Lukashenka as president in the 2006 elections.
Translation: BHTimes

Lukashenka headed to China

From Belta

Nixon did it; Why Not Lukashenka?

“A forthcoming visit of president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to Beijing will become a great event in the Belarusian-Chinese relations, which is to promote the further bilateral cooperation”, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of PRC to Belarus Hu Hunbin stated when presenting the letters of credence to president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The Chinese ambassador noted that the two countries “have been maintaining friendly links and treating each other with understanding and openness for some 13 years”. He also noted that “we support each other and cooperate on the mutually beneficial basis. The politic trust between the countries keeps strengthening. Cooperation in all the spheres is stably extending”.

According to the diplomat, the Chinese side is ready to take every effort “to make our mutual relations advance”.

Mr. Hu Hunbin conveyed warm greetings of chairman of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao to the president of Belarus


News from the International Chess championships in Argentina

All four games were drawn yesterday as the competition between 8 of the greatest grandmasters in the world continued.

The leaders currently are Veselin Topalov and Vishwanathan Anand with one win each in the double round robin tournament which ends after the tie breaker day on October 15th. The two played each other for he first time in the second round yesterday agreeing to a draw after 95 moves.

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